The history of Ammouliani

The history of Ammouliani

It was December 1924 when 50 families from Galimi arrived in their new home. Expelled from their ancestral homeland in the islands of Marmara after the Greek-Turkish war and wandering for 2 years all over Greece, they finally set foot on the shores of Ammouliani. They were soon followed by 100 more families from Pasalimani and others from Skoupia, Koutali and other places. It would be the first time that the island of Ammouliani acquired a permanent population, as in its history it was either a Roman palace, a Kalogeric metochi, or a port of Saracen pirates. Through many hardships they built their new village and gradually became part of the island as much as the island became part of them. Today Ammouliani, in addition to its fishing boats that provided food and income for its inhabitants for many years, is now also a favorite touristic destination for thousands of people from all over the world, people who come to taste the saltiness of its crystal waters, in search of their lost childhood. If nothing else, I think that’s what vacations at the sea are all about, wouldn’t you say?

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